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PO7 offers high performance business solutions that will allow you to simply resolve, manage and anticipate the risks and losses associated with your activities and your business structure.

Following an effective diagnosis, PO7 Consulting is able to mount an integrated plan around the following 4 pillars:

• Consultation
• Asset Protection
• Risk Management
• Training

Our strength is to transform a problematic business process or situation to a higher level, to achieve maximum performance.

We are committed to implementing all of our expertise to Understand, Define and Build together a realistic action plan, based on the company`s needs.


Founder and President of PO7 Consultation

Having more than 35 years of experience with the public, being an accomplished family man, trilingual, athletic and an amateur cyclist; Mr. Paul Fancellu is above all passionate about life and is motivated to help retailers Increase their profitability with ease.

«I've spent most of my life in the retail business. I started from a young age with the chain Rossy In Montreal. I then spent many years in the Aldo Group. I have held several positions in various sectors such as: Regional and National Director of Sales and Operations, Director of Asset and Inventory Management, Loss Prevention and Security.

I have had the chance to travel throughout North America and the UK. Throughout my career, I have met exceptional people that I have learned a lot from. It is now my turn to have the privilege of returning this unique knowledge to the retail market. Thanks to my expertise in business solutions, loss prevention and asset protection as well as my great knowledge of operations and retail , I hope to have the opportunity to collaborate and share with you all the know-how of PO7 Consulting!»


PO7 Consulting wishes to be recognized as the preferred choice in business solutions for loss prevention and asset protection for any entity aiming for excellence. PO7 is the indispensable link to stimulate, manage and build a safe, efficient and serene work environment!


Through a comprehensive and integrated approach, we develop a partnership with your company, which aims at optimizing the performance of all the resources that help your organization's operations and success. PO7 Consulting thus allows each client to be able to focus on his expertise, in order to contribute to the success of the company and offer exceptional customer service!

PO7 Philosophy