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To better achieve your goals, we can evaluate, rethink and restructure your business efficiency.
We offer advice and advisory services in daily activities to build the best policies and practices.

With more than 35 years of experience and proven expertise, PO7 Consulting adapts to the various cultures, budgets, availabilities and rhythms of companies to offer personalized service.

We offer a personalized consulting service adapted to the various needs of your company.


in Business Solutions

We offer a service of personalized consulting in business solutions in the following areas:

Sales and operations

  • Sales Techniques
  • Customer Service
  • Selection and Recruitment
  • Training

Loss Prevention

  • How to prevent and reduce losses
  • Establish effective procedures
  • Best practices in the market


  • Identify, correct and reduce the risk of losses

Asset Protection

  • Protect all assets of the company
  • Determining your needs
  • Suggestions adapted to your budget
  • Monitoring of installations
  • Coaching and procedures


in Security Strategies

Need to re-think or re-vamp your protection ?


in Prevention

  • Line 1-800
  • Corporate policies
  • Innovation at the level of procedures
  • Suspicious transactions and exceptions
  • Audits & Inspections
  • Perform “Mystery shoppers” visits according to your criteria and standards.
  • Learn and correct opportunities that need attention, provide information and training to your human resources.


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